If you are a fan of James Bond movies, the top agent of MI6, you would know the secret agent’s love for casinos and gambling. Shown as an avid gambler, James Bond is often seen betting on games of chance like poker and baccarat at a casino. Of course, Casino Royale is all about the glamour of gambling and money, but many are not aware that a betting approach has been designed based on this character as well. It is devised to overcome odds at roulette, and that is what this strategy is all about. Those who have tried their hand at roulette with different betting strategies would be aware of the James Bond approach.

How Does James Bond Betting Strategy Work?

James Bond Strategy

James Bond Betting Strategy

This strategy follows a simple approach and is designed to work on roulette wheels where a single zero is present, which is mainly in the European variants of the game. The aim here is to increase each wagering round by multiples of £20. One can increase as well as decrease wagers by this amount. Accordingly, it increases or reduces the win amount.

Other salient features to remember are:

  • Player needs to remember three main bet tips; in the first one should opt for £14, in multiples or fractions of this amount, on the number bet between 19 to 36;
  • In second bet, a player can bet about £5 with a number set between 13 to 18;
  • Remaining £10 is the third bet for the ball to land at the betting slot of single zero;
  • In the first bet a win profit is £8 when the ball lands on numbers 19 to 36;
  • The second bet, if successful, leads to a profit of £10;
  • The third bet leads to profits of £16 if found successful;
  • If the ball lands in any other slots than what is mentioned for the three bets, a player will lose £20 or whatever amount they wager;
  • Another strategy to adopt is to use the martingale system if ball lands in slots 1 to 12.

Agent 007 vs. House Edge

The house edge on European Roulette is about 2.7 per cent which leads to statistical conclusions that a player is likely to lose long term when one plays roulette.

When it comes to the house edge and gaining an advantage over it, even this approach cannot overcome the same. No matter how well your bets perform, the long term benefits are losses at the end. The root of the problem is that when the roulette wheel has 37 spins, every time possible numbers are found once. In the long run, one ends up losing about £20 for 37 spins every time. It might even out in the long run, but with this betting system, one generally ends up losing more in the end.

Progressive Bets in the James Bond System

James Bond Betting Strategy

James Bond – Casino Royale

Though long term loss is assured by this strategy, many feel that live progressive betting would help redeem some of the losses. However, when it comes to James Bond Strategy, bets scales are steep, and one often finds themselves betting large amounts after a few rounds. This leads to taking on more risks, and one might overlook the fact that potential win at the end might be very small. The other problem often comes with table limits. If you hit these and remain at a loss, it is difficult to make up the same.

Instead, when it comes to progressive bets or bonuses on roulette, it is best to opt for the Fibonacci or Martingale system. If you are using James Bond system, then flat betting is the way to go.

Not Perfect Strategy

There might be certain benefits of the 007 approach, especially since it covers a large part of the betting range. However, in most cases a player who uses the strategy find themselves lose their wagers when the ball lands in the number slots between 1 and 12. For such reasons, it is a strategy where one will lose in the long run and against the house edge. To experience winning with Bond strategy, it is best to try one’s hand at the game and play with free or demo versions initially. In general, effective strategies to use include the Martingale approach. Otherwise, with the 007 approach, it is best to use flat bets.

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