This is a useful strategy used in roulette for overcoming built-in odds in this game of chance. It is a popular roulette strategy or approach with a simple concept that works behind it. One needs to increase bets after a loss every time. When one wins they get back lost money and can start to bet with the initial amount wagered when they play. The approach is logical, and it is easy to understand. There are no complex calculations or points to remember in order to use the system.

Martingale Betting System

There are certain variants as well, such as the Mini or the Grand versions. The mini version recommends a slow increase in bets while grand version goes aggressively on increasing losing wagers.

Martingale system

Martingale System Table

In certain cases though, those who are seasoned gamblers find risks inherent here. However, the chances of wins are increased in the short term though one would be betting big even to win small in the short term. Also, one ends up with more spins where wins are small, and losses could be larger.

Why Does the Martingale System Not Work?

This system is an approach that helps gamblers see wins in the short term. That is also because roulette is a game of chance where the house edge always remains higher. Hence, long term losses are more assured. Though this betting system can help one to win in the short term, the win amounts are small and long term losses will remain.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The main limitation of this approach is due to the phenomenon called gambler’s fallacy. Also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy, it is a mistaken belief that, if there is a frequent occurrence of a certain event in a certain period, its occurrence will reduce in future. This phenomenon or term was coined after an incident at a casino in Monte Carlo. The roulette ball came into black slots about 26 times; customers bet on red as a result and lost millions since they felt that it would land on red slots after such a long streak of the ball landing on the black slots.

In the Martingale Betting System, the chances are 50% of winning on red or black bets.

Why Does the House Always Win?

The house edge is such that, in every roulette game, house advantage remains. That is because of the pocket of green zero; this represents house edge in pure form. That also steeps odds against the player no matter how they bet. It is best to play outside bets with a 50% chance of wins. Martingale System is unable to provide any solution on how to safeguard against the house edge advantage. This is one of the limitations of this strategy or any other that you might want to use when playing roulette.

Table Limits

The system needs to be used cautiously and not as a long term playing strategy. That is mainly because it often pushes players to bet large and they run out of money fast. Again, there are table limits in most roulette rounds. Once you wish to follow this approach, you are likely to have reached the table limits and be in a losing streak. It would also amount to not being able to recover lost money. This is one of the main limitations of this system.

Should Players Use the Martingale System?

There are several advantages of using Martingale betting system, especially as it proves useful to generate wins in the short term. In certain cases, experienced gamblers have also been able to use the strategy for consecutive bets as long as they have not entered a long streak of losses.

It is to be kept in mind that the system is based on negative progression. It allows players to increase bets slowly; it also helps them to prevent large losses in the short term. For such reasons, it is beneficial for use by both beginners as well as experienced players.

Gamblers need to be aware of its limitations as well. This is no foolproof method for guaranteeing wins in this game of chance. The strategy used here shows that one cannot lose forever, even though the house edge in roulette guarantees long term losses. There are risks involved in winning small amounts and losing more in the long run.

Customers who are trying a roulette game for the first time, especially at a live session can follow this strategy initially. The main principle to use here is double money stakes when you lose a round. If few rounds are being played and with small amounts, one has more chances to see wins and leave happy. In order to explore the outcomes of using this strategy, one could use free or demo versions of roulette. There are many casino portals where one can try their hands at this game and its different variants for free or with demo credits.

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