The free online Roulette Bot Plus is one of the most common online gambling cheat scams that has been catching plenty players off-guard. If you’ve been playing online roulette games or hunting for strategies to sharpen your skills, you might come across this Roulette Bot Plus. It’s often promoted by enticing windows that pop up on your screen when browsing online, as an effortless way of making money online. UK players should be careful with similar programs. This article was created for them.

An Illusion from the Ground Up

Roulette Bot Plus Scam

“Dr. James Peterson”

“Dr. James Peterson” who is touted as the inventor of this roulette betting system is just an illusion. The fellow plastered on the advertisement looking sharp and all businessy is a photo ripped from the internet to further sell this con of a product. We’re all left wondering: is the guy in the photo aware that his face is being used for ripping off unknowing gamers?
As soon as you land on the Roulette Bot Plus website (, you’ll be told players have earned millions of dollars using the program. “A strategy to get you into action” plus several other phrases are used to try as hard as possible to reel you in. Don’t fall for it!

More Dislikes than Likes on YouTube

Another ideal way for enticing people is a professionally made YouTube video that has a friendly sounding lady’s voice, right? Well, they tried to advertise this scheme but forgot to disable the dislikes/likes on the video; thank the heavens for that. And now, the video has more dislikes than likes, meaning that people who have tried it and obviously found it to be a scam.
It’s long since we saw such a ratio of likes to dislikes, right? The number of dislikes alone received by the video should indicate all you should know about the program. Nevertheless, our review of the Roulette Bot plus continues.

Scam Software Behind the Scenes

This free software is automated, and it plays by itself, hands-free after you set it up. Even though in the marketing video, the authors claim it’s an ‘exclusive algorithm analysis technology,’ it’s nothing like that. Roulette Bot Plus is a sleeper system. In essence, it will bet on particular parts of the wheel once they haven’t been hit for a few spins and then use martingale progressions which are far too risky. For instance, it will bet on red, yet there have been 6 blacks. The same will apply for the other bets.
Such kinds of systems DON’T beat online roulette. Why? Sooner or later you’ll suffer over 15 consecutive losses which will undoubtedly wipe out your bankroll. This could also push you up to the table limits, and in the end, you can never improve your wagers. With Roulette Bot Plus’ system, you have no hope of winning long term. It simply doesn’t work.

It’s All About the Money – But Not for You!

You’ll discover that in the program, there are download links to online casinos where they claim their program runs. Every single time somebody registers with these casinos through these links, owners at Roulette Bot Plus are given a commission. The entire scheme is elaborate and well-promoted to lure you into signing up at casinos in the bogus promise that you’ll win easy money.
The creators of this software program know you will lose, even with their pledge of easy money and jumping on board the million-dollar train. They only care about the proceeds they’ll receive from their affiliate promotions, which are too good to be true.

Do Any Roulette Bots Work?

A bot is not a system. Most bots can automatically place wagers for you, but that’s as far as it goes. Before you use any roulette system, you must test it first. A surefire telltale sign of a system that won’t work is one which depends on roulette betting progressions, such as the red-black roulette system.
Further Attempts at Appearing Legitimate
Roulette Bot Plus owners claim it’s a free program since they earn money from donations, and obviously, they’ve got a live contact through which you can use to donate money to them. They claim to have received $300,000 from donors, and over 81% of their ‘clients’ contribute regularly.
While it’s possible that people have downloaded the program, won some cash and perhaps even contributed money, it’s practically impossible for over 80% of users to frequently donate to them. These figures are used to convince the innocent victims that the program works and that some happy users donate regularly.


This scam has been going on for some years now, and there are lots of complaints about it. Don’t be duped by the picture-perfect appearance it poses. The Roulette Bot Plus is an easy way to lose money, not win it. There’s nothing like easy money or a surefire system in online roulette.

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