The thrill that comes with spinning and watching the wheels of Roulette is one of a kind that is adored by the most skilled to the lesser experienced players. 

Online roulette is a different way of playing this classic game on your PC or mobile phone. And like in a real casino, there are different types of roulettes with the same kind of thrill offered at online casinos. We have collected all the information about various types of roulette casino games available in the UK to help you understand the rules better. 

Types of Online Roulettes

Land-based casinos usually allow one to three variations of roulettes, but at online ones, you can enjoy a whole range of different variants. Online roulettes come with different features, settings, game experience, and bet limits, so they can be categorised into modern and classic options. 

They can further be divided into RNG and live dealer titles. And with many slight differences, it is important that you understand what these types are since they will affect your gaming experience plus the house edge that determines the results.

Classic Variations

The first ever roulette game was created in France in the 18th century, which shows why it is a French word meaning a little wheel. It later spread to the US and the whole Europe in the 19th century, hence becoming famous worldwide. 

However, as the game spread to other parts of the world, there occurred some differences in the gameplay, table layout, and rules. So, classic types of roulette are divided into:

European and French roulettes are very similar, but the main difference lies in the layout. In addition, the French gameplay has a rule that the player gets half of the losing money if the ball stops on zero. The American one, on the other hand, is defined as the double zero roulette due to its 0 and 00 numbers. 

Modern Variations

Unlike land-based casino roulettes, modern variations are more innovative and can be played online. They have a lot of variations that can be classified according to settings, layout, rules, and general look. 

These types are further classified into progressive jackpot and non-progressive roulettes. Most players prefer playing progressive jackpot titles since they offer a chance of winning huge amounts of money from their bet despite how low it is. 

RNG vs. Live Dealer Games

This is another popular classification of online roulettes. The most famous titles contain the random number generator which is in-built software that allows players to play against a computer. Thus, these offer higher speed and are highly customised. 

On the other hand, live dealer games are the best if you want to enjoy a real live casino experience from your device. It allows you to play with other players and real dealers via video stream and also have real conversations while gambling. 

Fairness of Roulette Games

With all online casinos offering real money roulettes to players, how can one tell if they offer fair play? Before web-based casinos, especially the ones in the UK, start operating, they have to be licensed by a proper authority like the UK Gambling Commission. 

In addition, before receiving the license, an audit of their website has to be done. This is where TST and eCOGRA come in. They are independent testing agencies that are responsible for verifying a site’s trustworthiness and fairness by auditing the games they provide, their RNGs, as well as other software used. 

Games of Roulette at Online Casinos

In conclusion, playing roulette games online is way much better and has more advantages than playing in a land-based casino. 

The first advantage is that playing online will expose you to many innovative variations that you can choose from. Another thing, you will enjoy different layouts, interfaces, settings, and rules by trying out different types. 

There are also more options, especially when it comes to the betting limits, which are bigger and will increase your chances of winning despite your low bet. Lastly, you’ll be able to enhance your gaming experience and become an expert in many roulette variations. 

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