20p Roulette

European roulette has different variations, and 20p Roulette is one of them. It is a classic variation that offers a single 0 sector and 37 numbers.

And just like its name suggests, the lowest bet is 20 pence per bet, but high-rollers can enjoy placing higher stakes. This game was developed by Big Cat Games, and its quality and graphics will remind you of the old-school gameplay.

So, if you have ever played the European variant, then you will love this classic variation that is so similar to it. 20p Roulette – once of the most popular type of roulette at William Hill Casino.

20p Roulette

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20p Roulette

20p Roulette Special Features & Settings

The most unique feature of 20p Roulette is the fact that a player can stake 20 pence. No other roulette offer such a low stake.

There is a wide bar on the right that shows information about the 20p Roulette gameplay. Unlike other table games, this one has a single zero field colored in green. Another unique feature is the Neighbor’s bet. This comes handy when a player targets a specific area on the wheel. It means that once you place a stake on a number, then it will be distributed to the next numbers near it.

Turbo spin is there to help you speed up the game. Other than that, you can still find your usual bets like column, red/black, even/odds, etc. There are also other bets like a single number, three numbers, pair of numbers, four numbers, six numbers, and dozens.

As for playing settings, use Bet to place your minimum or maximum stake, Clear Last Bet to delete the previous stake, and clear all bets to remove all the previous stakes. There is an options button where you can see the game rules and history of your gameplay among other information.

Steps to Play 20p Roulette

With the 20p Roulette demo version, a player can practice some skills and learn some strategies about the game before the gambler decides to visit online casinos and start playing for real money. Take note that you do not need to download any software or make a deposit to enjoy the free mode.

Besides, the demo version allows you to play as many times as possible and even test the highest bets. Don’t worry since there is no financial risk as you are not betting your money.

To start the game, place your stake on the Bet button. Here, the minimum wager is 20p, while the maximum is £1,000 per chip. Besides, your stake will increase by £100 once it reaches the highest wager.

After you’ve placed your bets, wait for the ball to go round the spinning wheel. If it stops on the number you placed your bet on, you win. Once the wins are paid, the game comes to an end.

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