English Roulette

English roulette originates from the French one. The online version was developed by Play’n GO, a leading software provider.
It uses 38 numbers – 0 to 37 – that means there is an extra pocket for the double zero. The extra pocket is useful in increasing the house edge. When it comes to layout and stakes, the English roulette differs greatly from the European and French ones.

English Roulette

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English Roulette

English Roulette Special Features & Settings

First things first, this variant comes with its own rules and table layout.

It features 38 numbers and double zeros, unlike European and French versions which have 36 and 37 numbers with a single zero. Due to this, the number grid is placed vertically instead of the normal horizontal position so as to accommodate both zeros.

The English variant also features way worse odds than the other two. In addition, the return to player ratio is influenced by the double zero pocket.

Furthermore, while French and European roulettes offer call and announced bets, this one does not. A call bet is where the house extends credits to players who do not have enough cash to cover their wager.

However, besides standard bets which are straight, split, street, neighbour, etc, this game features more like Les Orphelins where 5 chips are required, Voisins Du Zero which requires 9 chips for certain stakes, and Tiers Du Cylindre which needs 6 chips.

How to Play English Roulette

Playing English roulette requires the player to have great gaming skills and completely understand the rules.

You can play the game on your PC or smartphone for real money or for free using demo coins. In the live dealer game, the number of players allowed to play is limited to 7. So, take a seat at the table to begin betting. Place your bet to signal the start of the game and no more stakes are accepted while the ball is spinning on the wheel.

The minimum inside and outside bets you can place are 1.00 and 5.00 respectively. The maximum inside bet is 25.00, while the maximum outside bet is 100. In total, the maximum bet you can place on English roulette is 300.00.

Take note that inside bets offer high payouts. You can place your chips on straight, split, corner, top line, and six line in the case of inside bets. The outside bets, on the other hand, have more numbers and are easy to win but the payouts are smaller. Also, you can place your chips on low or high, red or black, even and odd outcome. Note that once the zero turns up, you’ll lose half of the values on the even bets. So, you will only receive half your bet.

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